Blue Key Honor Society
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Clair M. Donovan Award

The Clair M. Donovan Award is awarded to a member of the faculty, staff, or student body of Michigan Technological University who has contributed the most outstanding service during the preceding year. The Michigan Tech chapter of Blue Key Honor Society sponsors the award. The award is made in honor of Clair M. Donovan, who through his many years of service as national president of Blue Key Honor Society, as an alumnus, and as a civil leader, has made immeasurable contributions to the public image and prosperity of Michigan Technological University.

Award Recipients

The Clair M. Donovan Award was established in 1964

Year Name
1964 Mike Berry
1965 John McInnes
1966 Raymond L Smith
1967 Harold Meese
1968 Gary Meese (student)
1969 Ernie Townsend
1970 Mike Wiener
1971 Bill Bennetts
1972 Larry Ras (student)
1973 Ted Kearly
1974 Don Holman
1975 Gene Hesterberg
1976 John Helge (student)
1977 Dave Halkola
1978 Paul Koski
1979 Ernie Kohler
1980 Bill Gappy
1981 Russell VanDuine (student)
1982 Dennis Hanks
1983 Ernest Griff
1984 Cheryl Lorenz
1985 Thomas Hruby
1986 Valerie Pegg
1987 William Shapton
1988 Dave Wiitanen
1989 Dave Talford
1990 Richard Drenovsky
1991 Curtis J. Fortier (student)
1992 Sigrid Weinmann
1993 Stanley J. Dyl III
1994 Mary Ann Brunner
1995 Stanley J. LaMuth
1996 Darcy Way
1997 Darnishia L. Slade
1998 Cheryl DePuydt
1999 Betty Chavis
2000 Dave & Sharron Paris (couple)
2001 Les Leifer
2002 Joe Kirkish
2003 Jennifer L. Bzura
2004 Mike Abbot
2005 Emily Braun (fresh graduate)
2006 Nicole Roth
2007 Shalini Suryanarayana
2008 Nancy Byers-Sprague
2009 James Gale
2010 Patrick Joyce
2011 Gloria Melton
2012 Ruth I Schultz
2013 Dr. William Predebon
2014 Scott McInnes (Houghton City Manager)
2015 Susan Liebau
2016 Thomas Wood