Welcome Week

You’ve gotten all settled in at Michigan Tech for the year and are about to start classes. Now what?  It’s time for Welcome Week!  Every year, new and returning students are welcomed back to campus with this annual tradition that will get everyone into the Husky Spirit.

Welcome Week is an on-campus experience that kick-starts every fall semester.  This tradition is designed to complement the Orientation experience, and provide opportunities to enhance academic and personal success for Tech students.  The week is jam packed with social activities, food, entertainment, and much more!  Best of all, the week ends with Keweenaw Day, or K-Day as it's more commonly known.  At K-Day nearly every student organization sets up a booth to showcase their organization, and of course there's even more food and entertainment.  

The schedule, includes comedians, breakfast snacks, binders with academic success information, opportunities to try out Broomball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Frisbockey, K-Day, and much more!  The best part is, thanks to support from your Student Activity Fee and other generous sponsors, Welcome Week events are at no cost to Michigan Tech students!

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