About Involvement Link

Involvement Link is the official program used to manage all registered student organizations.  Organizations can manage their own profile, update membership lists and officers, advertise meetings and events, create online forms, send messages to their membership lists, store documents and photos, track service hours, print service reports, and much more.

Student Activities uses your Involvement Link information for important statistical information, to verify members’ involvement for official University documents, and to send messages to officers and advisors.  Involvement Link provides important contact information for campus departments, community businesses and potential students.

For these reasons, it is important for registered student organizations to update their Involvement Link page frequently.  Officers and membership lists should always be current.  A copy of your constitution should be uploaded to the Documents banner.  Organizations are required to upload an inventory list, if applicable.

If you are an officer in your organization, you automatically have administrative privileges for your organization.  When officers leave their positions, it is important that the organization promptly updates Involvement Link so that new officers have access to it.  Officers can add and delete members as appropriate.

Individuals must log onto Involvement Link using their ISO password and create their own account.  They may “Join” any open organization, or wait to be invited by one of the officers.

Questions about Involvement Link can be directed to Maryann Wilcox, Coordinator for Registered Student Organizations, MUB 112, at mawilcox@mtu.edu or 906-487-2402.

Click here to visit Involvement Link.