Becoming a Registered Student Organization

1. Student groups must be a registered student organization with Student Activities in order to receive privileges granted by the University.  Benefits of becoming a Student Org here.

2. New registrations shall be valid from the date of registration for one year, or until the registration deadline of the following fall semester, whichever is sooner.  Student organizations must register each year.

Forming a New Student Organization Checklist

1. Check the list of existing student organizations to verify that there is not an organization already dedicated to your interests.

2. Find 10 interested people to be members of your organization.  These members can include the possible officers.

  • A new organization must have a minimum of 3 officers selected:  President, Vice President, and Treasurer/Secretary.
  • A new organization must list a Primary Contact, usually the President.
  • Officers must have a minimum of a 2.25 GPA, both cumulative and most recent semester.

3. Your organization name should reflect the purpose of the organization and if Michigan Tech’s name is used, it must FOLLOW the name, for example, Ridge Roamers at Michigan Tech, or Anthropological Society at Michigan Tech.

4. Find a full-time employee of the university, either faculty or staff, willing to be the organization’s advisor.

5. Complete Organization Registration Form and Membership List. Documents must include:

  • The names, email addresses and titles of the officers to be identified on Involvement Link
  • The name, email and signature of your faculty/staff advisor
  • The names and email addresses of at lease 10 organization members (including officers)

6. Draft a constitution. Suggested constitution outline and sample constitution. The constitution must include:

  • The name of the organization
  • A description of the purpose(s) of the organization
  • Michigan Tech's most recent Equal Opportunity Statement drafted by the board of control
  • A statement that a change in the organization's advisor must be approved by Student Activities
  • A statement that a change in the organization's constitution or by-laws must be approved by the Student Activities 

7. Schedule an appointment with the Coordinator for Registered Student Organizations to review paperwork.  Completed paperwork must include:

8. You will receive notification of official registration via email.

  • An Involvement Link page will be set up for your new organization.  Officers will have administrative access to this page.  At this time, you may upload photos, revise the profile, add members, add officers, create forms, post your events, etc.  You MUST upload you constitution and file under documents, and keep officers and membership rosters up-to-date at all times.