Risk Management Plan

Risk Management Plans
**A plan must be submitted if an activity or event sponsored by a Registered Student Organization (RSO) takes place on university property or alcohol is served. **

Alcohol - Memorial Union & Dining Services

Student Organizations that hold events on campus where alcohol is present must complete a risk management plan and submit it to Student Activities for review and approval one week before the event to ensure safety.

There are several approaches to risk management plans that Student Activities and the Memorial Union suggest for Student Organization use (listed below). The size of the event and who will be in attendance play a large role in which plan an organization should follow.

Plan MUST Have:
Event Name with Brief Description, Sponsor, & Date

Please outline timeline: set up, tear down and exactly when alcohol will be served during the event.

Physical Location
Depending on the type and size of an event it is possible to set up the alcohol in a separate area, i.e. a Beer Garden. The bar and bartender(s) are in a separate location and only those who were of legal drinking age can enter this location. No alcohol is allowed to leave this area. This would require some staffing at the entrance of this location.

Contact Information/Responsibility
Name, email, and cell phone number of lead student, person second in command, and advisor.

Identification/Stamps and Wristbands
For any size group, but especially for larger groups, stamps and wristbands can be used to identify guests who are under the legal drinking age (20 years of age or younger) or who are above (21 years of age or older). Different color wristbands or unique stamps can be used so that bartenders can easily distinguish who is of legal drinking age. A committee from the sponsoring group should be designated as responsible for watching to ensure that no under-age drinking occur, especially outside the view of the bartenders.

Plan of Action
What is the plan of action if there is a fire alarm or participants become unruly?

Please Note
Student Activities, the Memorial Union, and Dining Services are aware that there may be more options for Student Organizations and are open to other risk management plans, but all plans must be reviewed and approved by Student Activities. The University reserves the right to require additional security, at the sponsoring group’s expense, should the risk be assessed as requiring this additional safety measure. Permission to serve alcohol may be withheld if an adequate risk management plan is not provided. If you have questions please contact 906.487.1963 or activities@mtu.edu.