Policies and Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Academic Requirements

Academic performance should not be taken lightly. Involvement in student organizations is not an extenuating circumstance or a reasonable justification to allow grades to decline. To succeed in your own academic pursuits, a minimum semester and cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) has been established for students in leadership positions.
Officers MUST:

        -Be an enrolled Michigan Tech student.
        -Be in good academic standing:
           - University cumulative GPA of 2.25 or greater
           - Most recent semester GPA of 2.25 or greater

The timeline for academic requirements is defined as the semester that you were elected and the semesters during your term(s) of office.

If an officer fails to meet academic requirements at any time, he or she must resign from their position. Leadership and/or officer positions are defined as titles and as the responsibilities outlined in constitution. Advisors (Michigan Tech faculty/staff) may request a grade report at the end of each semester. Please make requests to the Student Organization Coordinator, Maryann Wilcox at mawilcox@mtu.edu.

Each individual group may hold their own standard of academic performance for members via requirements or by-laws of their constitution. Requirements may not be lower than 2.0 (university academic probation) but can be elevated.  (Officer GPA requirements may not be below a 2.25 cumulative and semester GPA per Student Activities policy.)


Student organizations should to be aware of the following policies.

Student Publications

Procedure The University will designate appropriate locations in campus buildings for the distribution racks of student publications. Student publications must be placed in specified racks only and not on ledges, tables, and other unapproved areas. Designated locations and publications are identified and monitored by Student Activities.

Student Activities Student publications identified by Student Activities at Michigan Tech as Registered Student Organizations (RSO) that state objectives in updated constitution are as follows: The Lode, Daily Bull, PANK, Beyond The Glass Ceiling, Broomball Blitz (IRHC), and the Diff & Q by Keweenaw Pride.

Contact: bull@mtu.edu
Published: Monday - Friday
Distributed by 8:00 AM each day to the following locations:
8 (DOW) Dow Environmental Sciences and Engineering Building
11 (Walker) Walker Arts and Humanities Center
12 (M&M) Minerals and Materials Engineering Building
14 (Dillman) Grover C. Dillman Hall
15 (Fisher) Fisher Hall
19 (Chem-Sci) Chemical Sciences and Engineering Building
20 (MEEM) R.L Smith ME-EM Building
34 (MUB) Memorial Union Building - Commons & First Floor

Website: www.mtulode.com
Published: Weekly on Tuesdays
Distributed by 6:00 PM to the following locations:
11 (Walker) Walker Arts and Humanities Center
12 (M&M) Minerals and Materials Engineering Building
14 (Dillman) Grover C. Dillman Hall
17 (Van Pelt and Opie Library) J.R. Van Pelt Library and John and Ruanne
Opie Library
15 (Fisher) Fisher Hall
18 (Noblet) U.J Noblet Forestry Building
20 (MEEM) R.L Smith ME-EM Building
31 (DHH) Douglass Houghton Hall
34 (MUB) Memorial Union Building - Commons & First Floor
37 (Wads) Wadsworth Hall
40 East McNair Hall

Notes: Each respective distributor is responsible for the recycling of unused publications. Printed schedules of distribution times will be posted on each respective rack. RSO's are responsible for reporting schedule of distribution to Student Activities.

Enforcement: All questions and concerns about student publications procedure are to be reported to Student Activities (activities@mtu.edu or 906-487-1963).

Publications discovered in campus buildings that are found to be in violation of this policy will be disposed.

Any student organization violating the provisions of these policies and procedures is subject to judicial action. Student organization's actions must comply with all University rules and regulations set forth in the University Student Catalog and the Student Rights & Responsibilities in the University Community document. The University reserves the right to take appropriate action for violation of local, state, or federal law.