University Standing Committees

Professional Development Working Group


Support the developing and ongoing work of the Professional Development Steering Committee with the tasks of data collection and analysis, and program development, implementation, assessment and other support as requested.

In addressing the initial group tasks outlined below, provide a report for the Steering Committee’s review and assignment of further actions.  The work of the Working group should always be addressed in the context of developing recommendations with priorities and pathways for comprehensive employee professional development.

Task Force Activities:

  • TBD





Reports To:

Vice President for Administration

Committee Members:

  • Heidi Reid, Employment and Lean Initiatives Specialist, Human Resources
  • Bob Hiltunen, Director, Auxiliary Services
  • Karen Maki, Assistant Director, IT Business Operations
  • Pete Baril, Health and Safety Manager, Occupational Safety & Health Services
  • Gail Sweeting, Digital Content Manager, University Marketing & Communications