Greece: Histories, Heroes, and Heroines

Walk where the ancients walked; tour the ruins and art of Greece; and explore their culture, myth, and history. Join us abroad in Greece summer 2022!

Greece: Histories, Heroes, and Heroines is a new faculty-led study abroad program, sponsored by the Social Sciences and Visual and Performing Arts Departments. The program will take place from, June 1 – June 25, 2022.

Get to know Greece through exploring the Acropolis, Plaka National Museum, Greek cooking classes, Athens, the remains of Minoan Crete, the Peloponnesus, Delphi, the amazing hanging monasteries at Meteora, and swimming in the Aegean and Mediterranean!

Our Itinerary

Subject to change. A more detailed schedule will be available closer to the departure date. 

Time Locations
Day 1-2 Leave O'Hare Airport, Chicago, group overnight flight to Athens Airport where we will meet our tour coach and principle guide.
Days 3-5 Athens: exploring the city, Acropolis, Plaka National Museum, Agora.
Days 6-10 Crete: overnight ferry from Athens (Piraeus), spend several days exploring the remains of Minoan Crete, cooking lesson, cultural visits, swimming in the Mediterranean.
Days 11-15 The Peloponnesus: Corinth, Mycenae, Pylos, Olympia, and other smaller locations, swimming in the Mediterranean.
Days 16 -18 Heading north, stopping at Delphi, the hanging monasteries at Meteora, Thessaloniki.
Days 19 - 22 Continue at Thessaloniki and north, various other sites such as Philippi - associated with St. Paul.
Days 22 - 24 Back to Athens with day trips to Sounion, island of Aegina, and swimming in the Aegean.
Day 25 Group flight back to O'Hare.

Courses Offered

Each student will take a minimum of 6 credits and a maximum of 9 credits. These are all regular MTU credits and most are HASS listed, so they may be used for either General Education, CORE, Major, Minor, or as free electives.  All courses are 3 credits. All students will take SS 3960 Cultural Immersion, which will help you understand and respond to this experience through group discussions, journaling, and reflections.

You can select one or two of the following courses (SS3920 Topics in Anthropology: The Archaeology of Myth or SS 3952 Topics in World History: History of Greece):


Carl Blair, Co-Leader

An archaeologist whose first graduate term paper was on the proportions of Tin in various Bronze Age artifacts from the Mycenaean site of Nichoria, Carl fell in love with the idea of Greece when he encountered the books of Gerald Durrell as a child. When first in Greece as an undergraduate he discovered the reality was even better!  As a faculty member at MTU, Carl has led archaeological field expeditions and study abroad programs in England for 20+ years. He will teach SS 3960 Cultural Immersion and SS 3952 Topics in World History: History of Greece during this study abroad program.

Carl Blair

  • Teaching Professor, History & Anthropology
  • Anthropology Program Advisor

Julia Blair, Co-Leader

Julia grew up on stories of Greek gods, mythical beasts, adventurers, and epic conflict. Her early taste for myth and ancient history led her to careers as an archaeologist, and later as a writer and editor of mythic fiction. Now she combines her passions and expertise in a course on the Archaeology of Myth, an in-depth exploration of the mythology and material culture of ancient Greece. She will teach SS 3920 Topics in Anthropology/Archaeology: The Archaeology of Myth.

Local Staff

The tour company for this program, Educational Tours and Cruises (ETC), is an acknowledged leader in the field with over 40 years experience in assisting with American College and University tours of the Eastern Mediterranean. The guides that ETC provides are all licensed by the Greek Government and are experts in the field.

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