Sustainable Futures Institute (SFI)

Graduate Certificate in Sustainability

This Certificate formally recognizes curricular breadth in the following areas:

  1. Policy, societal, and economic systems
  2. Environmental systems
  3. Industrial systems

The Sustainable Futures Model takes a systems approach: combining information and insight from meta-disciplinary perspective.

To students seeking employment or further education in this field, the SFI Graduate Certificate can provide a competitive edge - through the study of current, accurate information and research surrounding the impact of society's ecological footprint. The systems approach provides a platform for critical and responsive analysis of the interdependence of each structure.

As the need for sustainable development and management becomes more important in an increasingly interdependent world, a well-trained problem-solver is a valuable asset to the global environmental system.

A graduate student can integrate the certificate into a specialized education in engineering, forestry, science, social sciences, humanities, business, and economics.

Degree schedule for Certificate in Sustainability
Following completion of all required coursework.