Sustainable Futures Institute (SFI)

Sustainability Assessment/Complex Systems

David R. Shonnard

  • Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Richard and Bonnie Robbins Chair in Sustainable Materials
  • Director, Sustainable Futures Institute

Research Interests

  • Bioprocess engineering
  • Alternative energy/Biofuels
  • Sustainability

Robert M. Handler

  • Operations Manager/Senior Research Engineer, Sustainable Futures Institute
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Staff, Chemical Engineering

Research Interests

  • Sustainable water and energy systems
  • Life-cycle assessment
  • Biofuels
  • Aquaponics and hydroponics
  • Sustainable manufacturing processes
  • Nanoscale materials
  • Iron chemistry
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Natural resource economics

Brian D. Barkdoll, PE

  • Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Links of Interest

Research Interests

  • Dam Decommissioning
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Hydraulic Structures
  • River Mechanics
  • Sediment Transport
  • Stream Rehabilitation
  • Sustainability

Research Interests

  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Invasive species mapping
  • Submerged aquatic vegetation monitoring
  • Applications of unmanned aerial systems
  • Assessment of transportation infrastructure condition using remote sensing
  • Automated road and bridge condition analysis
  • Multispectral sensing
  • 3D data creation and analysis
  • GIS and remote sensing
  • Development and deployment of decision support systems
  • Land cover change mapping and monitoring

Laura E. Brown

  • Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • Director, Data Science Graduate Program

Area of Expertise

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Data Mining and Data Science
  • Applications of AI and ML to Energy (microgrids, power systems), Health, and other domains

Yu Cai

  • Professor, Applied Computing
  • Affiliated Professor, Computational Science and Engineering

Links of Interest

Area of Expertise

  • Cybersecurity
  • Computer Network
  • Green Computing
  • Computing Education

Timothy Havens

  • Associate Dean for Research, College of Computing
  • William and Gloria Jackson Associate Professor of Computer Systems
  • Director, Institute of Computing and Cybersystems

Links of Interest

Areas of Interest

  • Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Sensor and Data Fusion
  • Heterogeneous Data Mining
  • Explosive Hazard Detection

Pasi Lautala, PE

  • Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Director, Rail Transportation Program, Michigan Tech Transportation Institute

Audrey L. Mayer

  • Professor of Ecology and Environmental Policy
  • Director of Graduate Studies
  • Interim Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion

Areas of Expertise

  • Landscape ecology
  • Conservation Biology
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
  • Sustainability science

Tony N. Rogers

  • Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Co-Advisor, Consumer Product Manufacturing Enterprise

Research Interests

  • Process simulation and improvement
  • Physical property prediction and measurement
  • Electrical energy storage

Mark D. Rouleau

  • Associate Professor, Social Sciences

Research Interests

  • Social simulation
  • Agent-based modeling
  • Land-use modeling
  • Norm evolution
  • Survey design
  • International relations

Wen Zhou

  • Assistant Professor

Research Interest

  • Systems Engineering and Biology
  • Biofuel Production