Constituent Determination

  1. The Senate Constitution states that the staff and faculty must be employed full time for a minimum of 9 months and 30 hours a week (II.B.1.). An employee class code plus an FTE code of .75 or higher is used to determine eligibility.
  2. Faculty constituents are: instructors, assistant teaching professor, associate teaching professor, teaching professor, assistant professors, associate professors, and professors who meet the above criteria (II.B.2.a.).
  3. Department chairs and associate deans shall be constituents but may not serve as senators or alternates (II.B.2.c.)
  4. The University President, Provost, Vice Provosts, Vice Presidents, Chief Financial Officer, and all deans and equivalent directors shall not be constituents of the Senate. (II.B.4.)
  5. The Senate By-Laws state that the professional staff units are determined by the Professional Staff Policy Committee and approved by the Senate Executive Committee (I.M.5.).
  6. Senators should verify their list of constituents each year and alert the Senate office of any discrepancies.