College of Sciences and Arts

Planned Activities, 2010-2013

New activities beginning 2010

Creating/Improving degree programs

  • Place degree offerings in VPA on firm footing (ongoing)
  • Implement new Ph.D. programs in Cognitive & Learning Sciences and Social Sciences (target fall 2010)
  • Incorporate digital media into communication program in Humanities (ongoing)
  • Complete Humanities curriculum/course review (target fall 2010)
  • Launch TESOL certificate in Humanities (target 2010-11)
  • Explore programming courses for mathematical sciences majors (target 2010-11)
  • Review of General Education program (target 2010-11)
  • Propose new Ph.D./M.S. program in Exercise Science (target fall 2012)

Research and Programs

  • Continue to strengthen life sciences programs as top CSA research priority through SFHI and replacement faculty hires in departments (ongoing)
    • Key steps: continue revitalization of chemistry, biology; nurture exercise science
  • Develop Great Lakes Research Center as new center for environmental research in CSA (target 2011-13)


  • Address space needs of Cognitive & Learning Sciences and Social Sciences via move of CLS to Meese Center (target 2011-2012)
  • Develop research and teaching labs for Exercise Science (target summer-fall 2010)
  • Address infrastructure needs in McArdle Theatre (target 2010-11)
  • Continue planning for Visual & Performing Arts facilities expansion (ongoing)
  • Address structural and infrastructural deficiencies in physics labs in Fisher Hall (target 2010 and ongoing)

Continue efforts to diversify faculty and students

  • Seek funds for summer programs for students and high school teachers in CS, VPA (ongoing)
  • HU/SS recruitment at community colleges (target 2010-11)
  • Create Emerging Scholars Program in Mathematical Sciences (target 2010-11)
  • Develop/support broader academic degree programs attractive to minority populations (ongoing)
    (See Department Worksheets in Appendix 4 for details)

Report on activities identified in the 2007 Plan

Creating new degree programs

  • Health & Physical Education degree (implemented, fall 2007)
  • PhD and MS in Exercise Science (target Fall 2008: emphasis shifted to DPT – see below)
  • Doctor in Physical Therapy (DPT)—(target Summer 2009: studied but tabled in spring 2010 because of budgetary uncertainty)
  • 5 year BS-MS in chemistry—the graduate school is approving campus wide guidelines for BS-MS programs—(expect implementation in fall 2010)
  • Interdisciplinary PhD in Atmospheric Physics (target start Fall 2007—implemented)

Assessing and improve current offerings

  • Current Undergraduate Concentrations in Mathematics (review/update being completed during spring 2010)
  • Differentiate Introductory Physics courses to target audience (implemented)
  • Include additional international and cross-cultural issues in Humanities offerings: (Underway with significant progress accomplished by the hiring of new faculty in 2009 and 2010 who bring expertise in diverse literatures and postcolonial theory; also creating Peace Corps Masters/International Program in Rhetoric and Technical Communications)
  • General Education (constant review & discussion within Gen. Ed Council; preliminary discussions during 2009-10; discussion and review campus-wide during 2010-11 academic year)
  • ESL (moved into Humanities, on-going process of continuous improvement)
  • Distance Learning Introductory Physics and Astronomy courses (implemented)

Creating Research Centers

  • A proposed Green Chemistry research center is on hold pending faculty hires in that area.