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Government Agencies

  • Michigan Tech faculty and staff have submitted proposals to many different government agencies, including federal, state, county, and municipal


    The nature of applying for government grants varies with the granting agency. Each agency can have unique procedures driven by a unique culture. Procedures can be learned by reading policy and procedure guides of each agency, but learning the funding culture of an agency can take time. The Research Development (RD) team can help demystify unique agency funding cultures. Some helpful resources can be found on our RD Toolkit under Agencies


    Michigan Tech works hard to follow the guidelines and rules of every sponsor. All federal agencies must adhere to Uniform Guidance; thus, all applications for funding, awards, and contracts must adhere to these rules. State and local agencies may differ in their policies. The RD office, Sponsored Programs Office (SPO), Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA), Compliance, Integrity, and Safety (CIS), and Innovation and Commercialization (IC) are all committed to helping you be compliant in your government awards. We are here to help you understand the requirements and processes needed to successfully submit, accept, and implement your award. 


    To find funding from government agencies, use our institutional grant search tool GrantForward. All federal, state, and many municipal grant opportunities are listed in the growing GrantForward database. 


    For more information or to schedule a funding search or proposal consultation, please contact: