IRBNet Electronic Submission Platform

IRBNet is an online submission platform used by Research Integrity to review, make determination, communicate, and manage project documents that involve animals (IACUC), institutional biosafety (IBC), or humans (IRB) to ensure regulatory compliance.  Upon completion of projects, IRBNet also serves as a document archive. Research conducted by Michigan Tech faculty, students, or staff requiring review by a regulatory committee (IACUC, IBC, or IRB) must be submitted via IRBNet.

Getting Started in IRBNet

Principal investigators needing to submit a project for committee review and any project co-investigator, collaborator, team members requiring access (read, write, or full) to a project in IRBNet must create an individual user account with username and password. The following will provide guidance for registering, accessing additional IRBNet instructions, and submission resources for each committee.

Computer Requirements

Many of the forms utilized by all three committees (IACUC, IBC, IRB) require Adobe Acrobat to function properly.  Michigan Tech IT provides Adobe DC as part of their standard CORE software to all faculty, staff and students on University computers. If you are experiencing problems with downloading, completing, and saving fillable PDF forms, please contact the IT department to update your Adobe software to resolve the issue. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Research Integrity at 906-487-2902 or the committee you are submitting to via the emails listed below: