Submission Details for Regulated Research

Core Project Details

There are core details that must be provided to the HRPP and MTU-IRB in order to effectively understand and determine the appropriate level of review. They include:

  1. Clearly state the research question and any previous science used in formulating the question.
  2. Explaining the human participant’s role in answering the research question.
  3. Identify risks to the human participants and how they will be minimized.
  4. Describe the process for gaining voluntary and informed consent.
  5. Provide detailed procedures for ensuring participant privacy and confidentiality.
  6. Describe the benefits of the research and how results will be disseminated and used to further science.
  7. Show appropriate research project personnel with necessary expertise and training to safely conduct the project. 

How To Submit Projects for Review

Michigan Tech currently uses an electronic submission platform for review and approval of projects conducting regulated research involving human subjects. For more information on how to use the platform, see the instructions at eIRB Submission System.

Listed below are required elements for submission (templates available to click on in the eIRB Submission System).

  • Principle Personnel
    • Principle Investigator (cannot be a student)
    • Co-PIs
    • Non-Michigan Tech Personnel
  • Project Information
    • Study Dates, Funding, Brief Project Description, Study Sites, Collaborations
  • Project Description
    • Background, Hypothesis, Objectives, Study Design, Outcome Measures, Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria
    • Enrollment information (ages, vulnerable populations)
    • Procedures, Recruitment Process, Compensation, Study Instruments
    • Data and Specimens Information, Data Security
    • Potential Risks / Benefits
    • Informed Consent Process and Forms

Use the following templates as needed:

  • Non-exempt Consent
  • Parental Permission
  • Assent to Research (for research with children)
  • Advertisement Checklist
  • Compensation Information
    • Receipt of Compensation
    • HSR W8BEN
    • HSR W9

All project personnel must be current on Human Subject Training through the CITI Program.

All projects must be reviewed by HRPP staff or approval by the MTU-IRB PRIOR to starting.