Review Categories and MTU-IRB Meeting Schedule

Projects submitted to IRBNet undergo an HRPP administrative review to determine the level of risk to human participants. There are four categories of review depending on the level of risk: exempt, limited, expedited or full.

Exempt, Limited or Expedited Review

Projects determined minimal risk and meet one of the exempt categories do not require MTU-IRB review and oversight. Exempt projects are processed by an HRPP staff member. Projects with minimal risk but requiring a limited or expedited review will be sent to a single MTU-IRB member for review and approval.

Exempt, limited, and expedited reviews are completed on a rolling basis upon receipt. How long it takes to receive final determination or approval varies depending on current HRPP workload and thoroughness of the project submission. We recommend a minimum of three weeks for exempt determinations and six weeks for projects requiring limited or expedited review.

Full Board Review Projects

Any projects determined more than minimal risk will require a review by the full board and can only be approved at a convened full MTU-IRB meeting. Projects must be received and in REVIEW READY form at least 10 working days prior to the next full board meeting to be considered at the monthly convened meeting.

Convened Full IRB Meeting Dates:

Please refer to MTU-IRB Convened Full Board 21-22 Academic Year Meeting Dates and Deadlines for more information. 

We remind researchers that more than minimal risk projects require much more than minimal risk projects to review and gain approval.  We recommend you reach out to HRPP for assistance well in advance of the expected project start date.

Please call 487-2902 or email if you have any questions.