COVID-19 Sample Shipping

To ship a sample for testing to the laboratory, follow the instructions below.

  1. Place the frozen labeled sample in a biohazard bag with a completed requisition form (we cannot accept unlabeled samples). You can place multiple biohazard bags, each containing an individual sample and requisition form, inside of a larger biohazard bag for delivery.

  2. Disinfect the biohazard bag holding the samples so that it is safe to handle.

  3. Place a frozen ice pack inside a styrofoam container or cooler.
  4. Place the sealed biohazard bag on top of the frozen ice pack.
  5. Place styrofoam lid on top.
  6. Close box and tape with packing tape.
  7. Place address label on top of sealed box.
    1. Address the shipping container to:
      Michigan Technological University 
      COVID-19 Testing Lab
      c/o University Chem Stores
      B017 Chemical Sciences and Engineering Building
      Houghton, MI 49931
  8. Place "UN 3373 Category B" label on side of outer box.
  9. Write full name and phone number with area code of the responsible person from your facility on top of the box.
  10. Place "refrigerate" yellow label on box.
  11. Disinfect the outside of the container/box so that it is safe to handle.

DO NOT send additional samples types (serum, urine, blood, etc.) to the laboratory.

For packaging and shipping questions, contact our laboratory office phone at 906-487-1573 or email us at