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Michigan Tech Research Award Recipients

Award Winner Department Year
Yoke Khin Yap Physics 2018
Yun Hang Hu Materials Science and Engineering 2017
Shaw, Raymond Atmospheric Sciences, Physics 2016
Mayer, Alex Civil and Environmental Engineering 2015
Halvorsen, Kathleen Social Sciences, Forest Resources and Environmental Science 2014
Kerfoot, Charles Biological Sciences 2013
Storer, Andrew School of Forest Resources and Environmental Sciences 2012
Nemiroff, Robert Physics 2012
Joshi, Chandrashekhar School of Forest Resources and Environmental Sciences 2011
Fick, Brian Physics 2010
Nitz, David Physics 2010
Hansmann, Ulrich Physics 2009
Pandey, Ravi Physics 2008
Zhang, Shuanglin Mathematical Sciences 2008
Levy, Miguel Physics 2007
Honrath, Richard Civil and Environmental Engineering 2006
Subhash, Ghatu Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics 2005
Kostinski, Alex Physics 2004
Tonchev, Vladimir Mathematical Sciences 2003
Roggemann, Michael Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002
Milligan, Walter W. Materials Science and Engineering 2001
Sutherland, John W. Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics 2000
Pregitzer, Kurt S. School of Forestry and Wood Products 1999
Krishnamurthy, Mohan Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 1998
Selfe, Cynthia L. Humanities 1997
White, Calvin L. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 1996
Chiang, Vincent L. IWR 1995
Pandit, Sudhakar M. Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics 1994
Karnosky, David F. Forestry 1993
Aifantis, Elias Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics 1993
Lankton, Larry D. Social Sciences 1992
Hackney, Stephen A. Metallurgical Engineering 1991
Beck, Donald R. Physics 1991
Peterson, Rolf O. Forestry 1990
Marshall, Samson A. Physics 1989
Campbell, Wilbur H. Biology 1988
Kawatra, S. Komar Metallurgical Engineering 1987
Kunz, A. Barry Physics 1986
Carlson, Eunice C. Biology 1985
Heckel, Richard W. Metallurgical Engineering 1985
Greuer, Rudolph Mining Engineering 1984
Crittenden, John C. Civil Engineering 1984
Hellawell, Angus Metallurgical Engineering 1983
Rose, William I. Geological Engineering 1981
Lee, Jong K. Metallurgical Engineering 1980
Goksel, M. Adnan IMR 1979
Jurgensen, Martin F. Forestry 1978
Courtney, Thomas H. Metallurgical Engineering 1977
Koss, Donald A. Metallurgical Engineering 1976
Johnson, John H. Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics 1975
Gerdeen, James C. Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics 1974
Aaronson, Hubert J. Metallurgical Engineering 1973
Mikkola, Donald E. Metallurgical Engineering 1972
Lee, Sung M. Physics 1971
Leifer, Leslie Chemistry 1970
Stones, Robert C. Biological Sciences 1968
Huang, Eugene Y. Civil Engineering 1967
Hockings, William A. IMR 1966
Spain, James D. Biological Sciences 1965
Park, Bart Chemistry 1964
Haas, Wilbur M. Civil Engineering 1963
Hendrickson, Alfred A. Metallurgical Engineering 1962
Tidwell, Samuel B. Business Administration 1961
Bacon, Lloyal O. Geophysical Engineering 1960
Vichich, Thomas E. Mathematics 1959
Wyble, D.O. Physics 1958
Yerg, Donald G. Physics 1957
Koepp, Walter IWR 1956
Makens, Royal F. Chemistry 1955
Gokcen, Nev A. Metallurgical Engineering 1954
Drier, Roy W. Metallurgical Engineering 1953
Smith, Russel J. Metallurgical Engineering 1952