Human Subjects (CITI) Training

The protection of human subjects participating in research projects is essential to the ethical conduct of University activities. It is imperative that these projects be designed and conducted in a manner that:

  1. protects the integrity of the human subject, and
  2. is in accordance with applicable Federal Regulations and University policy.

CITI Course Training for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research

Who Needs to Complete Online CITI Training Modules?

Michigan Tech requires all investigators listed on human subject research projects to complete CITI online training modules. Investigators/co-investigators include anyone listed in the research study that will be interacting or intervening with participants. This includes Michigan Tech faculty, staff, undergrad or graduate students, and also includes any external investigators/collaborators who do not have a Michigan Tech status. If you have completed NIH training, this will be valid up to two years from the time you completed the training and may be used.

Required Modules

All faculty, staff, co-investigators including undergraduate students, graduate students, or external personnel listed and working on a human subject research project, must choose and complete a CITI training module related to the type of research being conducted. CITI training must be kept current, and you are required to complete refresher courses once the basic module passed has expired. 

Social & Behavioral Research Best Practices for Clinical Research will satisfy Michigan Tech's online training requirements for all investigators including students who are involved primarily in Social & Behavioral Research with human subjects.

All investigators may choose the module listed above as basic completion course or choose a set of basic course modules relative to the type of research being conducted, either biomedical or social behavioral. 

To register or log in, visit CITI Login and Registration. Please refer to our CITI Step-by-step Instructions for guidance.

If needed, you may complete the training course in several sessions. Returning to the site requires signing in with your username and password.

What Do I Do with the CITI Completion Report?

When you complete the CITI training, the completion report must uploaded to the individual user’s profile who completed the training in Submitted research projects will experience a delay and not be processed until the appropriate CITI modules have been completed by all investigators listed on the project and have been linked within the study package.

For additional help, please see Instructions How to Add Training and Credentials with the Instructions Attachment.

Refresher Course Modules—Be Sure to Plan Ahead

Refresher courses can take a considerable amount of time to complete. Log in and view the refresher modules that are available for the type of research work you conduct and be sure that the refresher modules are completed prior to the current CITI expiration date.

Call our office for additional assistance at 487-2902 or email at