Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

DARS compares undergraduate student course work against the specific requirements that are in place for a student’s degree program. Undergraduate students and their academic advisors are the primary DARS users. Audits may be run at any time, and a new audit showing progress toward program completion will be generated each time a request is made.

DARS Frequently Asked Questions


What is DARS?

The Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) is a tool for undergraduate students and academic advisors to use in the advising process. It is an automated record of a student’s progress toward degree and/or program completion. A DARS report shows all of the requirements needed to receive a degree and which courses are used to satisfy those requirements. Currently, DARS reports are not available for students who started at MTU under the quarter system nor for graduate students.


What are the advantages of DARS?

DARS provides a way for you to track your academic process in an easy to read format. It is a useful tool for planning which courses you will need to register for in upcoming semesters.


Do I still need to meet with my Academic Advisor?

Yes, you are strongly advised to meet with your academic advisor. Your advisor will use the DARS report in the process of advising and can answer any questions regarding degree requirements and course substitutions and/or waivers, which must be approved by your department before they can be included in your record.


How can I access DARS to view an audit?

  • Sign into Banweb 
  • Select the Student Services tab 
  • Click on Student Records in the Student Services menu
  • Select Degree Audit from the Student Records menu
  • Click on Run Audit from the Degree Audit menu
  • Click on Run Audit one more time

Note: Students who attended Michigan Tech under the quarter system will not be able to access an audit. Please see your academic advisor.


Will transfer course work show on my audit?

All course work, including transfer, exchange, and AP credit, will appear on your audit.


What if approved course changes such as substitutions, waivers or transfer credits are not showing on my audit?

This may mean that your transfer credit has not yet been received and/or evaluated, or that your course substitution(s) and/or waiver (s) has not yet been entered into the system.


What if certain transfer or exchange credits are on the audit but are not assigned to requirements?

It’s likely that the equivalencies are not specific enough to apply to your program requirements. Contact your academic advisor. A course substitution may be required.


What if I find errors in my DARS audit?

If you feel that DARS is not correctly analyzing your course information, you should contact your academic advisor to review your audit together.


When should I run a DARS audit?

  • Before you register to help you choose the courses that will best satisfy your requirements.
  • After you have registered for any given semester to ensure that the courses for which you have registered are fulfilling requirements.
  • Whenever you change your major or minor to see how courses you have taken are fulfilling the new set of requirements.


Is my DARS report final confirmation of my graduation?

While every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, final confirmation of degree requirements is subject to department and university approval. Therefore, it is important that you continue to meet with your academic advisor to discuss graduation requirements.


Is my DARS report official documentation of my degree?

No. The DARS report is an internal document used for academic advising. It is NOT an official documentation of your academic record. An official transcript provides this documentation and can be ordered from the Registrar's Office.


What if I get no results when I run a DARS audit?

If you run an audit and receive no results or receive the message 'Program Not Defined' or 'Degree Audit', it likely means that you are enrolled in a program/major that requires a concentration, but a concentration has not officially been added to your student record.

Please carefully check your Major Information provided under the Degree Audit menu in Banweb.  If you are in a major that requires a concentration (Business Administration, Computer Science, Biology, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Communication and Culture Studies) and you have no concentration listed, please see your advisor.  Your advisor will complete the paperwork needed to add the concentration to your student record.