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Engineering Olympics

Engineering Olympics logoUp until 2016, Engineering Olympics was an annual event hosted at Michigan Technological University for high school students across the UP. Students worked on projects throughout the school year, including trebuchets and mousetrap-powered vehicles, using physics and engineering principles they've learned in school. In the spring, they came together on campus for a friendly competition in each event, led by faculty members and supported by college-student volunteers.

The event provided a fantastic opportunity for high school students to experience a day on campus while exercising their engineering skills. Engineering Olympics has been powered by the Department of Engineering Fundamentals, the College of Engineering, and by our team in the Center for Pre-College Outreach. 

Engineering Olympics took a brief hiatus in 2017 while the departments examined how to make it even better. More details about future EO competitions are still under construction. However, please see our flyer from 2016 or download the booklet with previous challenges to learn more about what the event looks like.

Those interested in Engineering Olympics in the future can contact Lauren Kirwin ( at the Center for Pre-College Outreach.

Engineering Olympics 2015

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