1.01.4—Revising University Policy


On occasion, changes need to be made to University policy. There are two types of changes to University policy: minor and major. Minor changes include typographical errors, periodic updates to data, and personnel/title changes. Major changes (changes to policy statements, procedures, forms) need approval and often need promotion to inform end users. Individuals may suggest policy changes by going through the responsible office. There are three steps to revising University policy:

  1. Determine whether the revision is major or minor.
  2. Submit changes.
  3. Publish changes.


  1. The responsible office determines whether a policy revision is major or minor.
  2. The responsible office follows procedure 1.01.1 to submit major revisions.
  3. The responsible office does the following to submit minor revisions:
    1. Prints out the current policy from the official University Policy and Procedure Web site to use as a work copy.
    2. Makes handwritten changes, using red ink, on the printed copy.
    3. Emails the marked copy to policy@mtu.edu.
  4. Publish changes
    1. The policy coordinator publishes the revisions on the University Policy and Procedure website.
    2. The responsible office publicizes the appropriate revisions.


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