Peace Corps Master's International (Retired)

Meet the Coordinator

John Gierke

John Gierke

John Gierke

Program Coordinator, Peace Corps Master's International Program in Mitigation of Geological Natural Hazards
Professor, Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences
Faculty Advisor, Aqua Terra Tech Enterprise

PhD, Michigan Technological University
MS, Michigan Technological University
BS, Michigan Technological University


John Gierke obtained degrees in civil and environmental engineering and is a licensed professional engineer. He has been a professor of geological and environmental engineering since 1990, and his expertise is primarily in groundwater resource development and protection. Although he has not served in the Peace Corps, he has been sharing his expertise with Peace Corps Masters International students for over 13 years now. When his department created the PCMI program in Natural Hazard Mitigation, he began advising PCMI students in this program and also students in environmental engineering who have had interests in groundwater resources. He now serves as the coordinator of the "geohaz" PCMI program. John is attracted to PCMI research because it requires creativity, resourcefulness, and persistence. He also gets to use his practical skills from work in plumbing, electrical systems, and farming. In addition to advising his own PCMI students, he has provided expertise to other students and offers his farm as a place for students to learn some basic agricultural skills.