Peace Corps Master's International (Retired)

Meet the Coordinator

Audrey Mayer

Audrey Mayer

Audrey Mayer

Program Coordinator, Peace Corps Master's Program in Forest Resources and Environmental Science
Associate Professor of Ecology and Environmental Policy

PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee
BA, Biology/Public Policy Analysis, Pomona College


Audrey Mayer is an associate professor at Michigan Tech. With dual appointments in both the Department of Social Sciences and School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, she is comfortable with both policy and practice. Her teaching focuses are in sustainability science, policy, and assessment; landscape ecology and planning; environmental problems; and integrated resource assessment.

Although Audrey has not served in the Peace Corps, she has a broad and multidisciplinary research background, split between ecology, policy, and natural resource economics. She has done field work in a variety of locations—the Florida Everglades, urbanized watersheds in Cincinnati, areas of coastal sage scrub in southern California, and protected natural areas throughout the Midwest. She also spent three years conducting field research on the impacts of the international timber trade on the biodiversity of Finnish and northwestern Russian forests. She has begun serving on committees for Peace Corps Masters International students, and has found it to be a very interesting and rewarding experience.