Peace Corps Master's International (Retired)

Shika Kwa Mikono

Ben Savonen, Peace Corps Master’s International student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, served as a science teacher in Tanzania (2012-2014). As part of his work, Ben participated in the "Shika Kwa Mikono," Hands-on Science Team, to provide workshops to math and science teachers. During his service, the Tanzanian Ministry of Education invited the Shika Team to participate in a teacher training conference in Morogoro. Ben ran a one day workshop in Morogoro with the aim of getting teachers to "think outside the box" when teaching math and science through a range of demonstrations, exercises, coaching, and presentations. For example, "Box of Fun" (see photos) is a workshop activity in which the Shika Team coached teachers to come up with ideas for science teaching using a pile of "junk."

After participating in the Morogoro conference, the Shika Team split up to participate in follow-up regional conferences across the country.

Peace Corps Tanzania Mbeya Regional Girls Science Conference

Ben demonstrates a project on a table while teachers stand around

 Ben shows a building experiment to a teacher