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How Much Will It Cost?

Differential tuition rates apply to degree-seeking students attending Michigan Tech. Non-degree seeking and dual enrollment students will be billed at the appropriate rate for their credit load.

Lab/course fees (as applicable) will be added to your bill. You may refer to the schedule of classes for exact lab/course fees. Any course taken online will also incur a $38 per credit fee.

2017-2018 Estimated Undergraduate Tuition*

Michigan Residents

Non-Michigan Residents

  Fall and Spring Semesters Fall and Spring Semesters
per credit (< 12 credits) $558 (per credit) $1,186 (per credit)
Plateau Rate (12–18 credits) $7,387 $16,009
> 18 credits (per credit + Plateau Rate) $558 (per credit) $1,186 (per credit)
Note: Any course taken online will also incur a $38 per-credit fee.

* Michigan Tech does not currently offer undergraduate degrees wholly online. This information is meant to show per-credit rates for any course(s) available online that an on-campus, non-degree seeking, or dual enrollment student may take at the undergraduate level. A full estimate of on-campus expenses, including non-tuition costs is also available.