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Undergraduate Certificate Programs

The following undergraduate certificate programs can be completed online through Michigan Tech. Beginning in fall 2016, undergraduate certificates will only be offered to post-degree students who have previously completed a Bachelor’s degree.

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Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Electric Power Engineering

This program enables professionals to earn course credit at their convenience. Off-campus students enroll in the same classes as on-campus students, following the same syllabi, schedules, and, with a few exceptions, course work. Energy systems emphasize power systems, with renewable energy and power electronics as other major areas of interest. Online courses are taught by a panel of expert faculty whose interests are focused in energy systems.

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Hybrid Electric Drive Vehicle Engineering

Both the master’s and certificate provide students with an advanced program in the design, calibration, and operating characteristics of electric-drive and hybrid-drive vehicles. The 15-credit HEV Undergraduate Certificate is based on a distance-learning course initially developed by Michigan Tech, General Motors, and AVL, and selected by the Michigan Academy of Green Mobility for training automotive engineers. A Department of Energy grant funded the development of the full curriculum and mobile laboratory. The interdisciplinary program was designed with input from Argonne National Laboratory and the following industry partners: MAGMA, General Motors, Eaton, Horiba, MathWorks, Schweitzer Engineering Labs, and Woodward.

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Important Information for Prospective Students

Michigan Tech seeks authorization or exemption in as many states as possible. Information on Michigan Tech’s status by state can be found through our state authorization webpage. All students are still welcome to apply for our on-campus programs.