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Taking Online Courses

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Online courses give you the flexibility to take a course from the comfort of your own home. If you are looking to take a few courses, online learning may be the right option for you. These courses can be counted for dual enrollment, toward a Bachelor’s degree, or an Accelerated Master’s program. You may also use these classes for a degree at another university, as part of continuing education, or to expand your knowledge as a lifelong learner.

Michigan Technological University does not offer undergraduate programs online.  However, we offer courses that students can use toward degree completion, as well as undergraduate certificates (beginning in fall 2016, undergraduate certificates will only be awarded for post-degree work).

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Current Students

Current Michigan Tech students may take any online courses, as long as prerequisite requirements for the course have been met. Online credits can be counted toward your degree, for general education, or even just for fun! Registration for online courses occurs during your regular course registration through Banweb.

Available online courses | Registration instructions

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Non-degree-seeking Students

Are you interested in taking a few courses as part of your continuing education, to learn or enhance a skill, or to transfer credit to another university? Online learning at Michigan Tech may be right for you. Complete our free online application, select your course(s), and you will be on your way.

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