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Online Masters of Hybrid Electric Drive Vehicle Engineering (MEng)

Testing a hybrid electric vehicle.
The light vehicle industry is facing a shortage of engineering talent needed to retool for the use of electric drives as the primary source of motive power. Help fill that gap with Michigan Tech’s online Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) degree from an accredited university.

Become Part of the Future of Hybrid Technologies

Join one of the nation's largest mechanical engineering or electrical engineering departments Michigan Tech’s pioneering program in hybrid electric vehicle engineering, one of the first of its kind in the nation, was started with a $3 million US Department of Energy grant and $750,000 of in-kind contributions from industry sponsors and partners. This distance-learning, research-based MEng maintains the high standards of Michigan Tech graduate education.

#2 Public colleges where grads make six figures
Money Magazine, 2017

#6 Early career earnings
Money Magazine, 2017

#20 Mechanical engineering colleges
College Factual, 2020

#30 Online mechanical engineering MS
Master's Programs Guide, 2019

Customize Your Online Education Pathway

Challenge yourself in hybrid electric drive vehicles by choosing one of four online pathways:

  1. Non-degree coursework: Take any number of Hybrid Vehicle Engineering courses as a non-degree seeking student.
  2. Graduate certificate: a graduate certificate in HEV can be earned in 15 credits.
  3. Master's degrees: earn a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering degree with an emphasis in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Engineering (30 credits).

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Advance Your HEV Career

Enhance your career in hybrid electric drive vehicles by opening new job opportunities with an advanced degree. Commit to growing your knowledge areas and to becoming an expert. Employers recognize advanced training—a master's degree may qualify you for leadership opportunities, project management responsibilities, or the chance to work on more complicated or sophisticated projects. Stand out by graduating from the #2 public university where grads make six figures (Money Magazine).

  • 30
    total credit hours to complete program
  • 30+
    course options to choose from
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    online hybrid electric drive vehicle engineering MEng degree