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Online Sustainable Pavement Design and Construction Certificate

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Focus on asphalt and concrete materials, mechanistic-empirical pavement design methods, life cycle assessment, life cycle cost analysis, and sustainability practices in project procurement and construction with an online certificate in sustainable pavement design and construction.

Functional, Accessible, and Resource Efficient

Sustainable pavements must be functional, accessible, and resource efficient. Learn best practices in pavement design and construction, with a strong emphasis on recent advances in sustainability. Bridge the gap of interpreting LCA/EPD information as it applies to design standards and construction specifications through our comprehensive training.

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This online certificate is for qualified professionals who want to enhance their skill set and can be a foundation to continue toward a graduate degree. It is also valuable for degree-seeking students looking to develop a concentration that gives them an edge in their career path.

Advance Your Career

Enhance your career by opening new job opportunities with an advanced graduate certificate online. Commit to growing your knowledge areas and to becoming an expert. Employers recognize advanced training—a graduate certificate may qualify you for leadership opportunities, project management responsibilities, or the chance to work on more complicated or sophisticated projects. Stand out by graduating from the #2 public university where grads make six figures (Money Magazine).

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