Ombuds Office
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Typical Problems and Concerns

The Ombuds Officer will

  • Listen carefully to your concerns 
  • Inform you of the various options that are available to you to resolve your concerns
  • Answer University-related process and procedure questions or put you in direct contact with others who can advise you
  • Help you to understand the reasons behind various University policies and procedures
  • Facilitate communication between members of the Michigan Tech academic community
  • Help you to determine if other members of the academic community are amenable to informal conflict-resolution mediation efforts
  • Make the appropriate referrals if and when informal options don't work
  • Periodically point out patterns of problems to the University president for purposes of continuous improvement

The Ombuds Office will not

  • Offer legal advice
  • Provide any services to members of the University community in disputes with persons or organizations outside of the University
  • Get involved in any issues specifically addressed by collective bargaining agreements for employees who are represented by unions
  • Formally or informally investigate the validity of any claims or expressions of concern brought to the attention of our office
  • Become involved in any disputes that have been filed in a formal grievance process
  • File your concern or disclose it to any University department or unit. Because of the confidential nature of the ombuds process, bringing a concern to the Ombuds Office does not constitute making formal organization notification to Michigan Technological University of alleged violations of policies, procedures, or laws.