Kelley Christensen

Kelley Christensen


  • Science and Technology Publications Writer


Kelley writes university research stories and articles for university publications. She studied news-editorial journalism and American literature at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and holds a master's in technical communication from Montana Tech. She is pursuing her doctorate in environmental policy at Michigan Tech.

About Kelley

  • Her career includes writing for small-town newspapers in Montana and working as a public information officer, an events coordinator, and science editor for an IEEE publication, Earthzine.
  • She enjoys hiking and cross-country skiing with her family, reading voraciously, crocheting, and exploring the Keweenaw.

Recent Stories 

Mechanism Modeling for Better Forecasts, Climate Predictions

Better modeling gives weather forecasters and climate scientists a more accurate picture       of what happens where atmosphere and ocean meet.

As hurricanes grow in power as the climate changes, accurately modeling the interactions between the atmosphere and the ocean grows increasingly important to prepare people to batten down or to evacuate. The many mechanisms of the atmosphere-ocean system — known as air-sea flux — make modeling extremely complicated, however. . . . Read More

Necessary Negotiations of Bioenergy Development

There are tradeoffs between biomass production and water flow and quality impacts.

As energy sources increasingly shift toward renewables, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that energy production always comes with tradeoffs. Modeling the outcomes of those tradeoffs can help natural resource managers and policymakers create informed decisions in energy development. Jumping to Conclusions: An . . . Read More

Creativity and Cool Gizmos: Dean Kamen at Michigan Tech Thursday

Michigan Tech will host Dean Kamen, founder of DEKA and FIRST Robotics, for this year's       first-year engineering lecture.

Dean Kamen, president of DEKA Research and Development Corp. and founder of FIRST Robotics, will visit Michigan Tech Thursday, Sept. 12 to meet with students and faculty, interact with area middle and high school students who participate in robotics programs, and deliver the First-Year Engineering Lecture to Michigan Tech’s incoming engineering and . . . Read More

Q&A with Great Lakes Research Center's Andrew Barnard

Andrew Barnard is the new director of the Great Lakes Research Center. His research       in acoustics and noise control tailors well with the mission of the Great Lakes Research       Center (GLRC), which seeks to educate the scientists, engineers, technologists, policymakers,       and stakeholders of tomorrow about the Great Lakes basin.

Andrew Barnard came to Michigan Technological University as an acoustics researcher. Since July 1, he’s now the director of the Great Lakes Research Center, associate professor of mechanical engineering-engineering mechanics and faculty advisor to the SENSE Enterprise program. Barnard is also the recipient of Michigan . . . Read More