Kelley Christensen

Kelley Christensen


  • Science and Technology Publications Writer


Kelley writes university research stories and articles for university publications. She studied news-editorial journalism and American literature at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and holds a master's in technical communication from Montana Tech. She is pursuing her doctorate in environmental policy at Michigan Tech.

About Kelley

  • Her career includes writing for small-town newspapers in Montana and working as a public information officer, an events coordinator, and science editor for an IEEE publication, Earthzine.
  • She enjoys hiking and cross-country skiing with her family, reading voraciously, crocheting, and exploring the Keweenaw.

Recent Stories 

Sleep Lab Gets to the Heart of the Matter

Like death and taxes, another certainty for most Americans is lack of sleep. But what does sleep loss do to our bodies? What happens when we factor sex differences or alcohol into the mix? The recently opened Michigan Tech Sleep Research Laboratory aims to answer those questions by combining sleep analysis technologies to provide a . . . Read More

3 Percent for the Planet

Called swamps, bogs, marshes, muskegs, and quagmires, peatlands are much more than wet, low-lying areas. Despite such ignoble nomenclature, the planet needs peatlands. "All ecosystems store carbon, but wetlands store a lot more than all the rest," says Rod Chimner, professor in the School of Forest Resources and Environmental . . . Read More

Radiocarbon Dating

What secrets can a tiny corn kernel hold? How did a shell, likely from the Gulf of Mexico, end up in a 400-year-old refuse pit in Illinois? These are questions radiocarbon dating can solve. In the early 17th century, before European explorers made contact with the Oneota Nation, members of the tribe inhabited a village in what is now Midewin . . . Read More