Kelley Christensen

Kelley Christensen


  • Science Writer and Project Strategist, University Marketing and Communications


Kelley writes university research stories and articles for university publications. She studied news-editorial journalism and American literature at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and holds a master's in technical communication from Montana Tech. She is pursuing her doctorate in environmental policy at Michigan Tech.

About Kelley

  • She writes about Michigan Tech research and serves as communications liaison to the Great Lakes Research Center and Michigan Tech Research Institute. She's also a member of the university social media team.
  • Her career includes writing for small-town newspapers in Montana and working as a public information officer, an events coordinator, and science editor for an IEEE publication, Earthzine.

Recent Stories 

Wolf Pups Born on Isle Royale, Moose Poised for Decline

A bull moose stands in vegetation.

The COVID-19 pandemic halted the in-person wintertime survey of wolves and moose on the island for the first time in 63 years. Consequently, there are no estimates of wolf or moose abundance for 2021, and the next estimates are scheduled in February 2022. But though the Isle Royale Winter Study didn’t happen quite as planned, researchers were still . . . Read More

Oh Buoy: New Monitoring Keeps Maritime Safety on the Radar in the Straits

The Mackinac Bridge over the waters of the Straits of Mackinac.

The Straits of Mackinac are known for their turbulent currents, making the monitoring of waves and weather crucial in the busy and important Michigan waterway. This spring and summer, a new buoy and a permanent high-frequency radar system will add to the methods of remote observation of the narrow Straits. In 2019, Lorelle Meadows, research . . . Read More