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Children and their families discover the

Michigan Tech Mind Trekkers, Dow Chemical Bring the Wonders of Science to Middle, High Schoolers at Michigan Community Colleges

April 18, 2014
By Jennifer Donovan

AT&T Michigan brings Michigan Tech Mind Trekkers' science magic to three Michigan community colleges.

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Students waiting to connect at Career Fair

Career Fair: Connections for the Future

February 20, 2014
By Kevin Hodur

Whether looking for internships, co-ops, or careers, students made some important connections at the spring Career Fair.

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Students talk with representatives from Gerdau, a major steel industry company.

Steel is Real--and Growing

October 17, 2013
By Jennifer Donovan

Steel companies come to Tech to talk with students about careers in the steel industry.

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Michigan Tech is working with LanzaTech to develop new technology to produce low-carbon biofuel from waste methane gas.

Michigan Tech Collaborates on $4 Million Department of Energy Project

September 24, 2013
By Jennifer Donovan

Michigan Tech collaborates on $4 million US Department of Energy alternative fuels research project. 

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Career Fair Crowd

Fall Career Fair Features New Companies and Veteran Recruiters

September 23, 2013
By Dennis Walikainen

The spring Career Fair brings more than 260 companies to campus to recruit students.

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Touching a Van de Graaff generator literally makes your hair stand on end.

Dow Chemical Sponsors Great Lakes Bay Science & Engineering Festival

August 9, 2013
By Jennifer Donovan

The Dow Chemical Company has becoming the naming sponsor of a Great Lakes Bay Science and Engineering Festival co-hosted by Michigan Tech and Delta College in October.

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GM, Square One Sponsor 3D Printer Workshop for Teachers

July 29, 2013
By Jennifer Donovan

High school teachers are learning to build open-source RepRap 3D printers at Michigan Tech.

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Maria Stull, Haley Le and Christina Li (left to right) developed mobile apps as part of their week-long scholarship program for Women in Computer Science at Michigan Tech.

Young Women Explore Computing Careers

July 12, 2013
By Jennifer Donovan

Computer science is a wide open field for women, as 19 high school girls learned during a week-long scholarship program at Michigan Tech.

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GLRC scientists will do cutting-edge research with this new generation of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.

Great Lakes Research Center: One Year Old and Growing

June 4, 2013
By Jennifer Donovan

As the GLRC approaches its first anniversary, the research center is humming.

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The non-aligned manganese dioxide nanorods on the left were made using conventional methods. The aligned nanorods on the right were grown in Dennis Desheng Meng's lab using electrophoretic deposition. Photos by Sunand Santhanagopalan

Michigan Tech Scientist's Discovery Could Lead to a Better Capacitor

April 16, 2013
By Marcia Goodrich

The key lies in growing nanorods with all the right stuff

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