Peatlands, previously thought to be impervious to fire, do burn in extremely hot wildfires
      and release incredible amounts of sequestered carbon into the atmosphere. Image Credit:
      Liza Jenkins

Soils Contribute Greatly to Forest Fire Carbon Emissions

Soil moisture and fuels, not fire weather, are the primary predictors of carbon emissions in boreal forests.

Steve Techtmann has been selected to receive a Defense Advanced Research Projects
      Agency (DARPA) cooperative agreement award for $7.2 million over four years to refine
      a method of chemical and high heat (pyrolysis) deconstruction of plastic waste into
      protein powder and lubricants.

From Plastic to Protein Powder

Michigan Tech researchers have been selected for a $7.2 million DARPA cooperative agreement award to turn military plastic waste into . . .

A wolf believed to be a pup born on the island in 2019 (top) solicits attention from
      an adult radio-collared female (adjacent to the pup), followed by an uncollared adult
      of unknown origin. Genetic results from wolf scats may reveal details about the origin
      of the uncollared wolves. Image Credit: Rolf Peterson

Isle Royale Winter Study: Fewer Wolves, Fewer Moose

There are at least 12 to 14 wolves on the island and an estimated 1,876 moose. Twenty-five moose were outfitted . . .