Hassan Masoud and his team, including doctoral student Mitchel Timm, built a robot that can manipulate surface tension to propel itself across the liquid surface with great speed and maneuverability. Image Credit: Mitchel Timm
Guest Blog: Why We Built a Bug Robot That Can Surf

In their guest blog, mechanical engineering professor Hassan Masoud and doctoral student Mitch Timm share how they built a tiny, . . .

Groundtruthing satellite data by locating vernal pools on foot in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the U.S.—a fieldwork dream. Photo credit: Rod Chimner
Outside the Classroom

What do graduates say helped them the most in their education? Sometimes it’s a single project. Often it’s real-world research.

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Meet Michigan Tech’s incoming class of 2021. Get a sneak peek at John Scott's Heart of a Husky clothing line. . . .