Student researchers ply the wild blue yonder off the rocky shore of Eagle Harbor,

Huskies Explore Lake Superior

Any day spent doing research on the water is a good day for Michigan Technological University students getting to know . . .

Michigan Tech's College of Computing is the first and only college of its kind in
      the state of Michigan.

The Future is Here: College of Computing to Welcome First Students

As the only college of its kind in the state, Michigan Tech’s College of Computing meets the growing demand for . . .

An adult moose must eat approximately 40 pounds of vegetation per day just to keep
      itself going. Yet despite their need to consume large volumes of food every day, moose
      do not eat everything they come across. Instead, moose are considerably more selective
      than is obvious when deciding which plant species to eat. Image Credit: Sarah Hoy

Poo’s Clues: Moose Droppings Indicate Isle Royale Ecosystem Health

Moose are picky eaters, and that’s a good thing for their ecosystems.