Changes in pH cause the rhodol dyes to glow differently, offering insight into diseases
      that affect mitophagy.

Be Brief: Glow

Fluorescent dyes help chemists see the inner workings of disease.

Improving patient care and outcomes in rural areas requires a mix of reliable patient
      identification, capitalizing on algorithms and artificial intelligence, and community

Fixing the Fractures in Rural Medicine

There’s a scene in the popular medical drama House in which the show’s namesake is seen scrawling on his left . . .

From the lab to the lake. A Prince's Point sunrise is one of Michigan's natural wonders—and
      Huskies can 3D print the paddles to get there.

1400 Townsend Drive

Campus life has never been more exciting. New technologies, centers, graduate programs, and student scholars. Dive into the excitement at . . .

Bruce Lee is a biomedical engineer at Michigan Tech.

Q&A with Bhakta Rath Award Winners Ameya Narkar and Bruce Lee

The Bhakta Rath Research Award honors a graduate student and faculty mentor for in-depth work with social impact. The 2019 . . .