Lawnmowing rabbits and egg-laying chickens have benefits but soy was the most efficient
      way to get homegrown protein in the Sustainability study.

Backyard Chickens, Rabbits, Soybeans Can Meet Household Protein Demand

In 2020, stores sold out of garden seed, coops and rabbit cages. Now, we have an idea how much protein . . .

The Debweyendon Indigenous Gardens (DIGs) are part of the Bemadizijig ogitiganiwaa
      (People’s Garden) in L'Anse, Michigan. DIGs events included harvesting asemaa (tobacco),
      manoomin (wild rice) and other traditional medicines. Photo Credit: DIGs

MTU Builds and Broadens Food Sovereignty with Indigenous, State and University Partners

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded funds for a gathering next fall focused on revitalizing Indigenous food traditions.

A close-up photo of autumn sunlight hitting a tree's yellow leaves. In the background
      are the dark shadows of other tree trunks.

Guest Blog: The Effort to Embed Diversity into Daily Life

David Flaspohler is a professor in Michigan Technological University's College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science . In his guest . . .