Lightning streaks across the sky in a thunderstorm above Baltic in Houghton County, Michigan. Image Credit: David Archambeau
Be Brief: Lightning

As global temperatures rise, lightning strikes in the Arctic are becoming more frequent. A Michigan Tech detection station played a . . .

Michigan Tech is in the Keweenaw Peninsula, which resides in Anishinaabe homelands and ceded territory established in the Treaty of 1842.
TECH SCEnE: Technology, Science and Community Engagement in Engineering

A new summer research program connects biomedical, biological sciences and electrical engineering students to Indigenous communities, environmental health and technological . . .

Student researchers watch a lunar rover running slope tests in a fully enclosed chamber
      that recreates the moon’s dusty conditions. They took first place in the 2020 Breakthrough,
      Innovative and Game-changing (BIG) Idea Challenge run by the National Aeronautics
      and Space Administration (NASA).
Research in Review

Hindsight is 2020. We look back at an exceptional year in Michigan Tech research and celebrate successes that overcame the . . .