By the Community, for the Community: Co-creating pathways to local food system sustainability

This is a guest post from Jack Wilson, Sustainability Science & Society major   Jack Wilson interning at Marble Mountain farm . . .

MTU students start Plastic Free Challenge in April

A group of Michigan Tech students has developed a three-week challenge focused on reducing the use of single-use plastics and . . .

Tech Forward! On Sustainability & Resilience

Michigan Tech has ambitious plans to address the future of education, the contexts in which education operates, and the objectives . . .

Researchers at Michigan Tech have used gene editing to shut down microRNAs within
      tomatoes, rice and maize that allow them to grow bigger crops.

Creating bigger, better, sustainable crops to meet a growing food crisis through gene editing

Altered miRNAs in rice, tomatoes and maize can grow bigger, more nutritional crops without damaging the plants themselves. It has . . .

Two days into the still-active flooding situation, Adam Johnson decided that he was
      tired of looking at destruction and set to work taking photos of hope, connection,
      and recovery. (Adam Johnson/Brockit, Inc.)

Copper Country Strong

Historic flash floods ripped through the Keweenaw in June. Nature’s show of strength was met by another force to be . . .

At the High-Altitude Water Cherenkov Gamma-Ray Observatory in Mexico, scientists have
      discovered a new source of the highest-energy photons in the cosmos: a strange system
      known as a microquasar, located a neighborly 15,000 light years from Earth. The research
      team included Michigan Tech’s Petra Huentemeyer, a professor of physics; postdoctoral
      research associate Henrike Fleischhack; and PhD candidates Chad Brisbois and Binita
      Hona. “These electrons are some of

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Campus life has never been more exciting. New technologies, centers, graduate programs, and student scholars. Dive into the excitement at . . .