Michigan Tech’s learning centers offer coaching, peer-to-peer learning and support, which are all crucial during the pandemic.
Guest Blog: Learning Centers Help Students Get Comfortable with Discomfort

For every hour in class, students are expected to put in three outside the lecture hall and lab. Learning centers . . .

Michigan Tech faculty published many long-form scholarly works including books, anthologies, field guides, and sculpture.
Published in 2020

The following projects are some of the long-form scholarly works produced last year by Michigan Tech faculty including books, anthologies, . . .

Student researchers watch a lunar rover running slope tests in a fully enclosed chamber
      that recreates the moon’s dusty conditions. They took first place in the 2020 Breakthrough,
      Innovative and Game-changing (BIG) Idea Challenge run by the National Aeronautics
      and Space Administration (NASA).
Research in Review

Hindsight is 2020. We look back at an exceptional year in Michigan Tech research and celebrate successes that overcame the . . .

A mathematical modeling approach is important when trying to understand how nature works. Modeling helps us predict what could happen, so that we can try to come up with solutions that would prevent negative outcomes.
Mathematically Modeling the Return to College Campuses

A student-built simulation shows why college campuses are particularly prone to rapid spreading of COVID-19 and reinforces the need for . . .

Looking through the lens of photonics and optics is an inherently interdisciplinary adventure.
Prismatic Primer: MTU Photonics and Optics Harness the Light

Photonics and optics — the fields of light — are like the colors of the rainbow. There are measurable differences, . . .

MTU Profs Shift Teaching and Labs to Remote Instruction

If necessity is the mother of invention, then rapidly shifting to remote instruction to slow the spread of COVID-19 is . . .