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Professor Iosif Pinelis has published a paper, “Nonnegative sum-symmetric matrices and optimal-score partitions,” in the journal Positivity published by Springer Nature Online . . .

An application of Yang’s work on unbounded singularities is to improve oil well siting.

Unbounded Singularities and Mixed Metaphors

There’s a method to my partial differential equations.

The fermentation vessels Huskies use in a new brewing course aren't nearly as large
      as the tanks at Keweenaw Brewing Company—but they get a chance to see the craft on
      a larger scale during a tour of the alumni co-owned brewery.

Students Tap Into the Science of Brewing

A new lab course at Michigan Technological University applies analytical and biochemical methods to identify critical factors in the fermentation . . .

Design Expo is a show-and-tell innovation extravaganza that puts student-led real-world
      innovation in the spotlight.

See the Future at Michigan Tech’s Design Expo

Student inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs inspire optimism for a better tomorrow as they put their projects before judges and the . . .

Copper Country Math Circle

The College of Sciences and Arts Dean’s Office is partnering with the Copper Country Intermediate School District to launch the . . .

There’s more to symmetry than what meets the eye.

Be Brief: Symmetry

Symmetries are all around us and extend deep into STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).