Polished iron exposed to electrolyte solutions will degrade and form iron carbonate and calcium carbonate films when exposed to oxygen and a heterogeneous mixture of platelets. Credit: Kathryn Perrine. Reprinted with permission from The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. Copyright 2021 American Chemical Society.
Surface Chemistry Reveals Corrosive Secrets

Interactions between iron, water, oxygen and ions quickly become complex. MTU scientists developed a more precise method to observe how . . .

Michigan Tech’s learning centers offer coaching, peer-to-peer learning and support, which are all crucial during the pandemic.
Guest Blog: Learning Centers Help Students Get Comfortable with Discomfort

For every hour in class, students are expected to put in three outside the lecture hall and lab. Learning centers . . .

Technique videos, single-serving containers, tight scheduling and Shel Silverstein poems got instructors and students in the Department of Chemistry through the 2020-2021 academic year.
The Instructional Bonds of Pandemic Chemistry Classes

Organic chemistry is a notoriously hard subject. Now imagine learning it via Zoom.

Research Grant Award

Congratulations to Chemistry’s Dr. Xiaochu Ding on being one of the recipients of the Portage Health Foundation Research Excellence Fund . . .