Mike Hyslop has earned the 2021 Michigan Tech Distinguished Teaching Award.
Q&A with Teaching Award Winner Mike Hyslop

Mike Hyslop is the recipient of Michigan Tech’s 2021 Distinguished Teaching Award in the Assistant Professor/Lecturer/Professor of Practice category.

Groundtruthing satellite data by locating vernal pools on foot in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the U.S.—a fieldwork dream. Photo credit: Rod Chimner
Outside the Classroom

What do graduates say helped them the most in their education? Sometimes it’s a single project. Often it’s real-world research.

After a hard winter with not much food — and not much coat because of ticks — an Isle Royale bull moose is eager to feast on new green spring vegetation in June 2021. Image Credit: Sarah Hoy
Wolf Pups Born on Isle Royale, Moose Poised for Decline

Michigan Tech researchers return to the island to discover new insights about the wolves and moose of Isle Royale.

The Debweyendon Indigenous Gardens (DIGs) are part of the Bemadizijig ogitiganiwaa (People’s Garden) in L'Anse, Michigan. DIGs events included harvesting asemaa (tobacco), manoomin (wild rice) and other traditional medicines. Photo Credit: DIGs
MTU Builds and Broadens Food Sovereignty with Indigenous, State and University Partners

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded funds for a gathering next fall focused on revitalizing Indigenous food traditions.