Imaging at an atomic resolution is delicate work – the scanning transmission electron
      microscope (STEM) at Michigan Tech may help researchers develop new and exciting nanomaterials.

AI Searches for New Nanomaterials

There’s a method to my development of new nanomaterials.

In the News

Ramy El-Ganainy’s (Physics) research was picked up by Photonics Media and was mentioned in an article in The Science Times and I-Connect0007.

The fermentation vessels Huskies use in a new brewing course aren't nearly as large
      as the tanks at Keweenaw Brewing Company—but they get a chance to see the craft on
      a larger scale during a tour of the alumni co-owned brewery.

Students Tap Into the Science of Brewing

A new lab course at Michigan Technological University applies analytical and biochemical methods to identify critical factors in the fermentation . . .

Better Microring Sensors for Optical Applications

Tweaking the design of microring sensors enhances their sensitivity without adding more implementation complexity.

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Simon Carn (GMES/EPSSI), is the principal investigator on a project that has received a $79,390 research and development grant from . . .