Bridges like those in the Keweenaw will be less impacted by sea level rise than others.

Decisions Made for Water Under the Bridge

In two new papers, civil engineers explore how to make decisions using quantifiable social, economic and environmental guidelines.

A sunlight simulator is now available to researchers at Michigan Technological University
      through the Research Excellence Fund – Infrastructure Enhancement (REF-IE) grant.

Engineers Capture the Sun in a Box

There’s a method to my aquatic photochemistry.

Record Number of Fulbright Scholars at Tech

Michigan Tech has a record number of Fulbright Scholars on our campus this year, with a total of 17 students . . .

Changes in pH cause the rhodol dyes to glow differently, offering insight into diseases
      that affect mitophagy.

Be Brief: Glow

Fluorescent dyes help chemists see the inner workings of disease.