Pavement can be hard to find on some winter roads. Sensor technology and image processing
      could help autonomous vehicles better navigate snowy conditions.

Driving in the Snow is a Team Effort for AI Sensors

Nobody likes driving in a blizzard, including autonomous vehicles. To make self-driving cars safer on snowy roads, engineers look at . . .

MTU's Steel Bridge Team competes from campus and wins two regional competitions.

Build, Load, Win

Our 2021 Steel Bridge Team topped regionals and awaits national results.

Lawnmowing rabbits and egg-laying chickens have benefits but soy was the most efficient
      way to get homegrown protein in the Sustainability study.

Backyard Chickens, Rabbits, Soybeans Can Meet Household Protein Demand

In 2020, stores sold out of garden seed, coops and rabbit cages. Now, we have an idea how much protein . . .

Doctoral Finishing Fellowship Summer 2021 Recipient – Oudumbar Rajput

I obtained my Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pune in 2013.I started my graduate studies . . .