The Debweyendon Indigenous Gardens (DIGs) are part of the Bemadizijig ogitiganiwaa
      (People’s Garden) in L'Anse, Michigan. DIGs events included harvesting asemaa (tobacco),
      manoomin (wild rice) and other traditional medicines. Photo Credit: DIGs

MTU Builds and Broadens Food Sovereignty with Indigenous, State and University Partners

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded funds for a gathering next fall focused on revitalizing Indigenous food traditions.

The SENSE Enterprise Team rendezvoused with the US Coast Guard at Houghton County
      Memorial Airport to hear mission stories and collaborate with pilots, mechanics and
      swimmers about the mass rescue craft the team is designing.

Michigan Tech Enterprise Makes SENSE

Meet SENSE — Strategic Education through Naval Systems Experiences — an undergraduate research team with on-the-job skills up their sleeves . . .

Michigan Tech is in the Keweenaw Peninsula, which resides in Anishinaabe homelands
      and ceded territory established in the Treaty of 1842.

TECH SCEnE: Technology, Science and Community Engagement in Engineering

A new summer research program connects biomedical, biological sciences and electrical engineering students to Indigenous communities, environmental health and technological . . .