Michigan Tech researchers will use the Keweenaw Time Traveler and a combination of
      spatial and archival datasets to focus specifically on whether French-Canadians were
      socially mobile as they migrated from Canada to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during
      the period of 1860 to 1940.

C’est La Vie: Historians Map French-speaking Migrations with Geospatial Tech

Understanding how French-speaking people migrated throughout North America from the 1600s to 1940 means tracking them at work, school and . . .

Modeling the estimated accumulation of industrial hazards on a postindustrial landscape
      to highlight higher-risk hotspots requires a spatial and temporal approach. Image
      Credit: Dan Trepal

Hazards Mapping, History and the Future of Rust Belt Cities

Using geographic information systems (GIS) and archaeology to model industrial hazards in postindustrial cities to guide planning and development.

Student researchers ply the wild blue yonder off the rocky shore of Eagle Harbor,

Huskies Explore Lake Superior

Any day spent doing research on the water is a good day for Michigan Technological University students getting to know . . .