Advanced Controls & Mechatronics

Advanced Controls and Mechatronics involve the integration of physical systems with electronic digital control. Meet the researchers advancing current automotive technologies.

A. Nasser Alaraje

  • Professor, School of Technology
  • Program Chair, Electrical Engineering Technology

Research Interests


  • Digital logic design and embedded systems
  • Field-Programmable Logic Array (FPGA) architecture and design
  • Hardware description language
  • Processor architecture
  • Engineering technology education


Teaching Interests

  • Circuits
  • Data communications
  • Digital systems/microprocessor basics
  • Digital electronics
  • Digital design and modeling with VHDL
  • Microcomputer interfacing
  • FPGA design

Jeremy P. Bos

  • Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Faculty Advisor, Robotic Systems Enterprise

Links of Interest

Areas of Interest

  • Atmospheric optics
  • Statistical optics
  • Quantum optics
  • Image and Signal Processing
  • Autonomous vehicles and vehicular networks
  • Industrial automation and controls

Jeffrey B. Burl

  • Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Areas of Interest

  • Control systems
  • Development of a low cost collision avoidance system for general aviation (FAA)
  • Intelligent control of automotive manufacturing systems (GM)
  • Adaptive optics (AFOSR)
  • Reentry body control (SSP)
  • Image motion analysis and image based tracking systems (AFOSR)
  • Control theory: extended H estimation; uncertainty reduction in µ-synthesis (SSP)
  • Astronomy/observatory upgrades (fun)

Timothy Havens

  • William and Gloria Jackson Associate Professor of Computer Systems
  • Director, Institute of Computing and Cybersystems

Links of Interest

Areas of Interest

  • Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Sensor and Data Fusion
  • Heterogeneous Data Mining
  • Explosive Hazard Detection

Gordon G. Parker

  • John and Cathi Drake Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Expertise

  • Nonlinear Controls
  • Mechatronics
  • Microgrids

Research Interests

  • Control system design
  • Methods for correlating nonlinear dynamic models to experimental data
  • Nonlinear control
  • System simulation
  • Nonlinear system parameter identification and optimization

Anthony (Tony) Pinar

  • Lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Senior Design Coordinator, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Research Engineer, Advanced Power Systems Research Center

Areas of Interest

  • Machine Learning
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Data Fusion
  • Electronics

Aleksandr V. Sergeyev

  • Professor, School of Technology
  • Affiliated Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests

  • Optics
  • Signal processing
  • Image reconstruction and processing
  • Adaptive and atmospheric optics
  • Holography and laser spectroscopy
  • Engineering education

Teaching Interests

  • Optics
  • Electrical machinery
  • Power systems
  • Electronic devices and circuits
  • Real-time robotics systems
  • Programmable logic controllers