Institutional Analysis

Vision of Institutional Analysis

Our Vision is to be the experts in developing, maintaining, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting University data.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Institutional Analysis is to develop, maintain, and transform data into information critical to the University planning, policy making and reporting process, and to provide consultation on analyses of University issues.

Some components of the Institutional Analysis mission include, but are not limited to:

  1. Serve as internal consultants to administrative officers and University committees regarding operational studies and data.
  2. Present information that is relevant to sound management and effective strategic and tactical planning issues.
  3. Serve as the University contact for all survey information requested by national and regional publications.
  4. Provide data submissions to the Federal and State Governments.
  5. Develop and maintain resource models for the University.
  6. Represent the University on various state-wide committees and task forces.
  7. Serve as MTU's official repository for statistical information about the University.

The functions performed by the Office of Institutional Analysis necessitate a close cooperation with the other campus constituencies. The data used in our analyses are generated by other offices or processes; therefore our efforts are concentrated on assuring that the data are accurate, concise, consistent, and timely.