Track and Field: New Hurdles

Women's hurdles race taking place at Sydney Sports Ground, New South Wales, March 1931.

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Why this Project?

Following our Spring 2018 season, we will be looking to add a new arsenal of hurdles to our inventory. We currently only have 14 operational hurdles to use for our practices and some of those are a bit beat up.

The perk of being an engineering school enables us to get creative with our patch up duties for some of our equipment, but with some extra support from our alumni and friends we will be able to upgrade our equipment and provide better environments for our student-athletes. Our hurdles have many uses for our athletes. Everyone from sprinters to throwers, and even our distance runners use hurdles on a daily basis.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to enable us to purchase 20 new hurdles along with hurdle carts for easy transportation and safe storage. We will only be able to do this with your help and support!

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