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Who is Film Board?

Film Board is one of the oldest student organizations on Michigan Tech’s campus. Our current charter is thirty years old, but we have records dating back to the 1970’s. Film Board is a student-run movie theater operation that shows films every weekend out of the largest lecture hall on campus - Fisher 135. The movies we show are out of theaters, but not yet on disc. With a weekly attendance average of around 500, Film Board provides quality movies at a great cost ($3 per ticket and concessions for a $1 each) every week for the students and community at Michigan Tech. Currently, we have around forty students involved in Film Board and we expect to keep growing.

Film Board doesn’t just show movies. We also screen TV shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story and special events like the Super Bowl or some other national championship game. Just this year we showed a movie during Winter Carnival on a snow screen we built ourselves. Film Board takes the opportunity to partner with other campus organizations on screenings. These include Keweenaw Pride, MUB Board, WMTU, Public Safety, CDI, and ROTC.

Why this Project?

While Film Board has always strived to stay up-to-date with technology, our current speaker system was installed 16 years ago. It includes two subs and three main speakers along with an additional six speakers on the side walls and two on the back wall. These speakers feed to several amps that lead to a sound processor which takes the signals from the projector and mixes them accordingly.

We are now encountering operating problems due to the advanced age of the equipment and through inspection we determined we need to upgrade the entire system. One of the subs is almost completely useless and the speakers on one wall stop working altogether at times. So, last year we put together a plan for a complete upgrade of our system. This new system will put us on the “bleeding edge” of sound systems. It will allows us to have remote amplifiers giving us more control over the overall sound quality. This allows us to better the experience here at Film Board and that is our main goal of this project.

Project Status

Through our fundraising efforts over the past year, we have successfully raised $32,000 towards our overall equipment upgrade efforts. An additional $4,000 will provide us the necessary funds to complete the entire project which includes the purchase and installation of equipment, as well as inspection and certification for the Dolby 7.1 surround sound system.

We want to better the listening and viewing experience here at Film Board. We live up to our motto “Where quality movies cost less” by providing the Michigan Tech community with the best movies available at an affordable cost. We have done this for thirty years and hope to continue the tradition for many years to come.

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